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Posted by Soldier on July 11, 2014
What Our Lord Saw from the Cross

What Our Lord Saw from the Cross

We need to hurt for people, not receive hurt from people. Don’t take offence, they hurt, Jesus said they know not what they do… Hurt for them, Love is not self seeking. It hopes all things, believes the best, and they may be like Jesus described as children who only do what they know to get an emotion from someone, but let my Love and your love be a pillar to be strength and light to those who are lost until Jesus will change them, don’t change for hurt, let love draw men out of despair, cuz you may be the only Jesus they ever see, this road is narrow and difficult Jesus said.

Lewis Carroll tells us that “to love is to make oneself vulnerable.” To really Love is to allow people to get close enough to hurt you, but continuing to believe in them, regardless of the soul, what it feels, the Spirit knows all things, and God wants to bless us with all Spiritual blessings, and He wanted to see us as we truly are perfect in Him, justified, let us see people perfect and justified, not as everyone else sees them, as a thief, adulterer, mean, cold, condemned, bum, why don’t we know what Jesus sees them as?

To love them in who they can be in the Lord, we know what can be by what God has done in our lives, what Jesus can do by the love transformation that caused us to be new creations who are glorified with Christ, we need to see the Christ centered future of people who can’t even see the good in themselves, you may be the only one who ever saw good or potential in that one, they may not even love themselves, so talk to them and speak life.

We have to call them to be greater, and to wait for them , because His greatness is in them, Jesus makes all things new, let us see it new, and not what the devil does. Real love does take a risk, but its worth it to see love work, Jesus was ok with being hurt, he didn’t want the pain, but he did want to draw men in with lovingkindness. Jeremiah 31:3. You have got to be strong until the end to win men, don’t let the world sway you ~ stay pure, God has hope in you to represent His love in the whole earth, don’t let Him down, He will Hurt, but He was willing to risk it all on the cross for you you.

your brother in Christ, IAI Exalthee ~ GOD bless

Let Jesus Bring You Light!

Let Jesus Bring You Light! (Photo credit: VinothChandar)

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