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Posted by Soldier on May 9, 2013

Holiness is key to everything.  Holiness doesn’t mean to be dry, it means to be pure like a child again, not even knowing/keeping perversity within ones self.  Cleansed by The Spirit and The Word of GOD.

People are jacked up out here and need only to be cleaned up by God to be renewed and holy, but we gotta be that cleanness that can be seen, light is clean, Christians are windows for people to see Christ in us.

God Bless you all, do something Big for GOD, because you can never out dream or out think Him, He can do something even bigger with you when you are light, salt, and purified.  Rest in Him for these things, Amen!

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Posted by Soldier on May 9, 2013

English: Icon of Jesus Christ


It’s more than just dodging demons and trying to stay alive, notice there is a fortress with many walls and many bridges across the way, when death and destruction come you have to be inside the fortress, if you wait until your being overflowed by death and the enemy it might be too hard to get in you might be destroyed before you get to safety. The fortress is Christ, don’t wait til its too late and all you can do is look at it, outside of it is death, procrastination to go in will equal death. God is love, get in Him, being in Christ is more than being around Him and trying to figure out how survival will come, stop thinking and pray.

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Posted by Soldier on May 14, 2010

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Morality doesn’t make one better, religious ritual doesn’t, church doesn’t, were not better than anyone else cuz we have the Bible, or because we read or pray, or because we teach, or have wisdom and knowledge. We all are proven to be evil, the only difference is we have put our faith in Christ and He has given us The Holy Spirit to give us strength to live right. He died for us so we don’t have to and He empowers us ( Titus chapter 2, Romans chapter 3)

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