Truth Like Water

The Word of God is Living Water

Posted by Soldier on September 9, 2013
English: Fear God... Religious text on a metal...

English: Fear God… Religious text on a metal plaque set in a stone boulder near the parking area and viewpoint on Hawksworth Road north of Baildon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gratefulness is my key to serving God.

Some try the fear of God, The joy is our strength, love obviously, but love comes from gratefulness and joy also. Gratefulness has done more in my life than the terror of God or even promises of future things. Remembering what God has done, in my life, others lives… My testimony.

How can you know Him unless you have known His works? Even a child is known by his deeds, whether they be right. Trying to conjure up joy or reverence just for the sake of being reverential or joyful will only go so far.

We have to KNOW Him. Remember what He has done, be grateful that He saved you, and everything else.

Iai Exalthee

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