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The Word of God is Living Water

Posted by Soldier on August 12, 2014


Our hearts will cry ABBA- Note by Nicholas Bogdanoff Iai Exalthee


This has heped change my life more than anything in the world as a Christian and it is in Romans 8:15, The idea that I carry and describe will explain the greatness of the love of God I can experience in my Jesus Christ. Open your heart and realize that you are a little child in His eyes, and when we can cry pappa we can truly humble ourselves like a tiny 3 or 4 year old that longs to hold his or her hands up to be picked up by dad.


Because we need to humble ourselves like little children Matt 18:3. When we can be like a lil kid who cries out to be innocent and not focus on anything other than our fathers relationship with us, and we can focus on a life filtered through the lens of His love like that on a perfect 3 year old, that he Rejoices over us with smiling and singing, that we are His apple, His little boy, that security of favor, we get His devotion and love and all that because we are simply His kid.


God is our dad, and we are his focus because of the fact that we were created for His love as His, any child is appreciated when they make a coloring, not because of his or her skill but because the parent already loves their kid. and we do things and God appreciates it and loves us because He always loved us, because we belong to Him, we are in His sight, like His son Jesus, He is well pleased with us and rejoices with singing about His boy or girl.


Life is an adventure, and He is ever watchful over us, God bless  Hope you can see.

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