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Posted by Soldier on May 9, 2013

Joey’s Baptism: A Guide to Prepare Children For Their Own Baptism

Joey’s Baptism, written by Robert Favero and published by Roxie Boyd at Amazon, now available!

Joey’s Baptism leads your child step-by-step through the important elements of baptism. Each chapter gives a straightforward and engaging explanation. They’re big concepts presented in simple terms to match your child’s level of understanding.

Activities at the end of each chapter reinforce the concepts introduced in each chapter. Joey’s Baptism is targeted for children in kindergarten through 4th grade.

The lessons are written in a style that is simple enough for a five- or six-year-old to understand, yet the concepts are challenging enough to satisfy the interest of a nine- or ten-year-old.

To better match varying abilities for children of different ages, each chapter ends with two pencil activities, one for younger children and one for older children.

Joey’s Baptism, also available on the Amazon Kindle platform – click on image:

About the Author

My name is Rob Favero, and I’m the creator of Joey’s Baptism. Joey’s Baptism came into existence when I needed to prepare my two older children for baptism (this was several years ago). Since other people were likely to need a resource like this, I decided, “Why not put in the extra effort to make Joey’s Baptism a booklet that lots of people could use?”

I’m a father of four and a husband of one, and I live just east of the beautiful Colorado mountains in a suburb of Denver.

In addition to raising my children, I’ve been involved off and on through the years with children’s ministry. My roles have included junior high youth program leader, Sunday school teacher, kids choir parent helper, homeschool gym day leader, and the Awana Clubs game-time at our church.

About the publisher: Hi, my name is Roxie Boyd and I am an internet marketer, creator of websites and blogs, and publisher of books, but above all, is a born-again Christian, a disciple of Jesus Christ.

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